Cloutier Brothers

OHA Honours Cloutier Brothers

NOVEMBER 18, 2011 – The OHA made a very special presentation to the Cloutier twins, Andy and Claude, who have for many years been the backbone of the Chippawa RiverHawks organization.

The brothers were very honoured to receive the award last night, asked how he was doing when the OHA Staff appeared in the Gale Centre; Claude replied “If I was any better, I’d be a twin.”

Anyone who knows the Cloutier twins knows of their extreme dedication to the OHA and especially to hockey and the Chippawa RiverHawks organization.

17-years ago Andy and Claude joined the RiverHawks, jumping right into the middle of managing the equipment for the team.

Seldom seen alone, the Cloutier twins are more often than not, seen enjoying each other's company over a coffee in the arena. Their dedication to being equipment managers with the RiverHawks has been an asset that no one in the organization takes for granted. They are in the arena daily, making sure sweaters and the dressing room is ready for the next practice or game. Each away game for the past 17 seasons has been overseen by the Cloutier’s who ensure that jerseys, first aid equipment, water bottles, sticks and everything else is ready to get to the opposing teams arena.

Andy and Claude have made many friends over the years in the Niagara Region. In any arena in the Region, during any Junior B or Junior C game, the brothers can walk into that arena and immediately someone will come over to talk to them.

In their younger days the twins played hockey for the Niagara Falls Junior B team 53-years ago to be exact. The brothers will often joke that Claude was the tough one on the ice and Andy was the peace maker.

Both of them still to this day will volunteer their time to helping out with the Al Reid Old Timers Hockey Tournament as Convenors, as well as other tournaments around the Niagara region.

Volunteers like Andy and Claude Cloutier are rare commodities. The Chippawa RiverHawks are lucky and thankful to have them behind their bench each and every night.

OHA President Brent Ladds made the trip to Niagara Falls to present the twins with the special award, honouring the years of service they’ve made to the Association. Congratulations Andy and Claude on behalf of the entire OHA.